SJD’s latest Contractor Attitude Survey has revealed positive results from the contracting sector, with the majority of contractors (72%) finding that the lifestyle has had a positive effect on their work/lifebalance.

SJD Accountancy - Contractor Attitude Survey

Our research, which is a report from the period January 2012 – June 2013, surveyed around 1,000 UK contractors on their experiences, meaning that we were able to compile extensive data on changes in trends, such as pay rates, contract location and contract types.

Other recent reports have shown that it is a very lucrative time for contractors, which is mainly due to the fact that attitudes toward the lifestyle has changed for the better as of lately.  Many UK businesses are starting to realise that contractors can be extremely beneficial to their company, and that they are not there just to fill in employment gaps.

SJD’s Contractor Attitude Survey certainly found that the majority of contractors are very satisfied with their way of working.

When asked ‘why did you become a contractor?’ the results found that 75% consciously chose to enter the world contracting, rather than being forced into it by lack of permanent positions (13%) or redundancy (10%).

Respondents were asked about what they most enjoyed about being a contractor, with 88% saying higher rates of pay (up from 84% a year ago), closely followed by flexibility (63%), being free from office politics (61%) and increased freedom (54%).

Comparing working in the permanent sector to their current lifestyle, most contractors (81%) said that contracting was more satisfying and 80% said that they didn’t miss the benefits of being a permanent employee.  An incredible 91% said that they are earning more as a contractor.

The majority of contractors currently have work, with 89% saying that they are either in a contract or just about to start one.  Interestingly, most of those surveyed said that they used a recruitment agency (38%) to find their recent contract and just 2% found work through LinkedIn, showing that social media isn’t always as effective as some may think.

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