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With the digital world continuing to grow and develop, IT contractors are certainly findingthemselves in demand lately, with a number of recent articles predicting great things for the year ahead.

In the last few months, there has been a lot of focus on IT contractors and how much their skills are being sought after.  For example, a report released in November last year by Robert Walters revealed that IT job vacancies have been rising at a significant rate, with job volumes growing by 18%.

Last month, research from recruiting group Hays suggested that IT contractors could benefit from gaining additional skills in marketing, as it could open up new job opportunities and make them a more appealing candidate for potential employers.

Here are some of the latest contractor news stories:

Web analytic skills in high demand among IT contractors

Web analytic skills are very much in demand at the moment, with the main reason thought to be because of the significant rise in brands running mobile ad campaigns, which is a method that enables them to ‘hyper-target’ (send highly targeted messages to very specific groups of people) existing customers in real-time.

Due to businesses now recognising the importance of these analytic job roles, demand for those possessing these specialist skills is thought to rise considerably during 2014.

Natasha Woodford, ClockworkTalent Director, said, “Most agencies and brands recognise they don’t have enough of these skillsets and experience under their roof and are turning to specialist recruiters to expand their talent pool with these skills…

To read this article in full, visit: Web analytic skills in high demand

IT contractors with analytic, mobile and security skills to see rise in rates of pay

The IT sector as a whole has achieved a great deal in the past few years and with this latest research, it has been found that those with specialist skills in big data analytics, ecommerce and mobile and IT security are to see a rise in rates of pay.

The 2014 Salary Guide, carried out Robert Half, has shown that directors are finding it increasingly difficult to find people who have enough experience in these fields, which has resulted in the rates of pay for these roles being predicted to rise by 4% or more over the next year.

Phil Sheridan, Senior Managing Director, Robert Half Technology commented on these findings, “Technology is a key element in the recovery of the UK economy, whether it’s supporting new propositions or helping to improve business operations…

To read this article in full, visit: IT contractors with analytic, mobile and security skills to see rise in rates of pay

How to become an IT contractor

Once you’ve decided to join the exciting world of contracting, there will be a few decisions that you will need to consider.

For example, will you work through an umbrella company, or start up as a Limited company contractor.

There are many pros and cons to each, however, there will be one that will probably suit your needs best, which will all depend on your circumstances and what you want from being self-employed.

For more information on Limited vs Umbrella, click here.

Finding work

As an IT contractor, you will need to find your own clients, which can seem a bit daunting at first.  Firstly, ensure that you have an up-to-date and typo-free contractor CV!

Where to look:

  • Specialist jobsites – Load your CV onto jobsites for the recruiters who may search through job boards looking for suitable candidates.  News feeds from specialist websites will also highlight all of the latest jobs.
  • Look at useful contacts you may have – there may be potential clients in the places you least expect, this goes for the people you know too.  Word of mouth, although not the most reliable method of finding a contract, can sometimes work.
  • Social media – although it’s not likely that you’ll find a contract through Twitter or Facebook, it’s worth setting up a separate account for your business and linking it to your website.  It might also be worth following a few groups on LinkedIn.
  • Set up your own website – when you do gain interest from potential contracts, having a website to showcase your talents is a great way of proving exactly what you are capable of.  Think of it as an interactive CV!  If you’re not an expert on creating websites, there are plenty of easy to use (and free) website builders available on the internet.

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