Despite the many advantages, being a freelancer means that you have a lot more responsibility than a permanent employee; and ultimately if you don’t do the work, you don’t get paid.

Motivation is a key quality that you must have in order to be successfully self-employed, however, even the best of us can find the likes of facebook and daytime TV a distraction.  So the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has released some top tips on how to avoid the curse of procrastination!

The PCG say that firstly you need to recognise that you have a problem with staying on task, ‘If you find yourself leaving the home office to go and do some other task, ask yourself whether it is something that you could justify doing in a corporate workplace’.

Contractors who work from home, as opposed to having a separate office, may find it even more difficult to get into the right frame of mind.

Make sure you get dressed to get yourself into work mode, although it can be tempting to sit in your pj’s, this might not help you to get into the right mood for working.

Another vital piece of advice is to take any distractions away from your working area, for example a television.  The PCG also recommends setting up filters on your computer so that you don’t spend hours on social sites!

Finally, it’s important to prioritise if you have a number of different projects on at the same time and make a schedule.  The PCG says, ‘Each day, create a list of ‘must-dos’. Certain tasks will have to be completed on particular days so remind yourself that, if you procrastinate, you will have to work late’.