There has never been such a good time to become a contractor, especially as recent research has proven that contracting is becoming the new ‘norm’, as more and more

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businesses are accepting that contractor’s can be an extremely valuable asset.

There’s also the fact that more employer’s are willing to offer work to contractors, because it is more cost effective than employing a permanent worker.  Although a contractor can potentially earn more money than a permanent employee, they are not entitled to the same expensive benefits, such as holiday and sick pay.

However, this is only a small downside to being a contractor, the fact that you have much greater freedom, flexibility and control over your career and business more than makes up for this!

So, after being convinced how great it is being a contractor, you may be interested in how to go about finding the work!

Tips for finding work

It’s worth mentioning that finding work outside of agencies can be difficult, however, trying a number of different methods should increase your chances of finding work!

  • Ensure that you have an up-to-date CV that focuses on relevant information to the contract, and highlight skills that will make you look like an attractive contractor to work with. Most importantly, check your CV for any typos, make sure that it is short, straight to the point and use correct grammar.
  • Set up your own website – when you do gain interest from potential contracts, having a website to showcase your talents is a great way of proving exactly what you are capable of.  Think of it as an interactive CV!  If you’re not an expert on creating websites, there are plenty of easy to use (and free) website builders available on the internet.
  • Look on specialist jobsites – Load your CV onto jobsites for the recruiters who may search through job boards looking for suitable candidates.  News feeds from specialist websites will also highlight all of the latest jobs.
  • Look at useful contacts you may have – there may be potential clients in the places you least expect, this goes for the people you know too.  Word of mouth, although not the most reliable method of finding a contract, can sometimes work.
  • Social media – although it’s not likely that you’ll find a contract through Twitter or Facebook, it’s worth setting up a separate account for your business and linking it to your website.  It might also be worth following a few groups on LinkedIn.