SJD AccountancyContractors looking for administrative roles are in luck, as Leeds Building Society are creating more job opportunities for those contracting outside of their company.

The fifth largest Society in the country, which already employs 900 permanent staff, will be taking on freelancers in order to manage their massive workload.

As one of the UK’s leading building societies, a new pilot scheme will be launched and in doing so will assign the administrative work to those who are professionally qualified.

Head of human resources Becky Hewitt and Leeds Building Society said, “Auto-enrolment brings with it a considerable administrative burden which we want to mitigate, whilst ensuring compliance and providing our staff with a high quality experience.

“For us, outsourcing was the right choice. It gives us peace of mind and frees up our internal resource to focus on other HR priorities.”

The Head of HR explained how the scheme would work – that they would use automatic triggers, alerts and workflow management in order to ensure the firm’s obligations are met on time and to the required standard.

Freelancers are being actively supported by employers across the country at the moment, as was confirmed by a recent survey carried out by recruitment company Randstand.  Out of the 3,000 UK firms and employers polled, 13 per cent felt contractors actually enhance productivity and 11 per cent said they help to drive innovation.

The same survey also revealed that 63 per cent of respondents were choosing to become contractors or temps, rather than being pushed into the decision by redundancies.