Limited company contractors and freelancers across the UK, will be interested to hear the results of a new report recording the rise of contracting.

The ‘New Forms of Work’ study, produced by the Fabian Society and the Professional Contractors Group (PCG), has highlighted the changing nature of the British workplace.

The report has found that the nature of UK employment has been going through quite a change, with the availability of permanent roles seeing a significant decline, yet temporary and part-time roles are on the rise.

This theory is very much supported by a recent independent study by one of Europe’s leading economists, Stephane Rapelli, revealing that the number of ‘independent professionals’ in Europe has risen to over eight million in the last ten years, while employment rates have stagnated in the same period.

Andrew Harrop, General Secretary of the Fabian Society said, “We need to take a long, hard look at whether our labour market institutions are fit for the changing nature of work.With the relative decline of full-time, permanent, long-term jobs and the growth of insecure, short-term and part- time work it is time to consider change in the design of benefits, tax and job programmes as well as the priorities of the trade union movement.”

John Brazier, Managing Director of PCG said “Freelancing has grown to become a crucial component of the UK economy – in both the good times and the bad. The report from the Fabian Society highlights some of the key issues at the heart of our way of working and offers real insight into how businesses and the government can facilitate freelancing for the benefit of all.”