According to a recent survey, almost half of the ten fastest growing online contractor jobs are within the technical side of the market; meaning more job opportunities for IT contractors.

The new research, conducted by, found that the reason behind this is due to the increased use of specialist software by UK firms.

According to the report, posted 230,614 IT jobs between July and September this year, and ranked HTML 5, jQuery, User Interface and PHP amongst the top ten key skills required.

Demand for IT professionals with skills in CSS, MySQL, Android and Software Architecture, Website Design, HTML and Magento, was also found to be significantly high.

IT contractors with skills in creating web pages will be interested to hear that the demand for this talent grew by 40% in the third quarter.

The website’s chief executive Matt Barrie said, “This report truly reflects Mary Meeker’s thesis that through software and internet we’re experiencing the ‘reimagination of everything,”

He added, “Every industry we can think of is quite abruptly turning into a software business, and every job function is increasingly being performed using software tools in the cloud.”