Using the Power of Social Media to Suceed as a Contractor

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Anyone starting a business before the internet age would have had to go through a potentially long and drawn out process of research and phone calls just
to get themselves registered as self employed. However, the advent of increasingly well-connected technology means that now all these jobs can be completed
online within minutes, not to mention the wealth of information available to anyone who wants to ensure that they are compliant with all the procedures
involved in working for themselves. […]

Contractor Roundup – IT in the public sector, HMRC under fire and BRCs abolished

Every day brings financial news that the experts try to interpret in order to predict the impact that it will have on businesses, individuals and the country as a whole. This month has seen some changes which could have far-reaching effects, but with mostly positive outcomes predicted that means good news for many contractors.


Public sector appeal diminishes in favour of private sector

Austerity has taken its toll on many people in the UK, but cost cutting exercises in local authority recruitment has seen many IT contractors failing to find the kind of opportunities that they once would have done. Spending on flexible workers has been cut back in order to manage reduced budgets, and although it has meant a dearth of jobs for contractors, this was not an entirely unexpected outcome as far as the sector was concerned. What has softened the blow somewhat though is the increase in the number of vacancies in the private sector which has seen demand for IT contractors on the rise. Transport, leisure and telecoms are all taking advantage of the flexibility of the contracting workforce.

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Contractor Roundup – Snoopers’ charter, proposal leaked and Autumn Statement update

Any news headline can spell significant changes to contractors and the way they work and whilst some are obvious, some of the game changers aren’t obvious until the detail of the story is released. With front page headlines and smaller stories impacting on contractors this month, there is good reason for contractors to keep their eye on the news to ensure they are up to speed with the stories that could affect them.Dollarphotoclub_97619105

The ‘snoopers’ charter’ could make work for IT contractors

Law enforcement agencies will be able to access more personal data than ever before under the new ‘snoopers’ charter’, with the changes in legislation allowing them to detect and prevent crime by accessing communications data with new powers that haven’t been in place before. IT contractors could find that this will affect the way they work, not least because they will need to know how the changes will affect business and personal communication as crime prevention organisations will be entitled to access and retain any data that they believe could help. Understanding encryption and how to intercept it will become increasingly important in order to comply with the legislation.

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Contractor roundup – Deflation, mortgages and more on travel expenses

Some of the perennial issues surrounding contracting have reared their heads again this month with plenty of media coverage of the proposed changes to travel expenses as well as the state of contractors’ finances in general.canstockphoto15953266_0

Deflation isn’t a cause for concern to contractors

While some people will always associate the idea of deflation with economic downturn, IPSE have reassured contractors and other independent professionals this week that the recent slip into deflation shouldn’t have a negative impact on their finances.

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Contractor Roundup – More APN news, contractor expenses and dividends

As the debate about contractors’ expenses rages on, independent professionals have plenty of reasons to keep their eye on the news, from personal service companies to dividends and more besides.


Contractors receiving APNs must consider their options

Accelerated Payment Notices have been in the news a lot recently, but now that HMRC have been given the go-ahead to issue more, experts have been advising contractors who receive them to think carefully before they act. Whilst many may find it difficult to lay their hands on the kind of cash that HMRC might be asking for, it is important to ensure that they are still able to meet other debts. Pro-activity is recommended to those who may need to work with HMRC in order to ensure that they are aware of all the options available to them.

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Contractor News Roundup – HMRC in court, sole traders relying on families and advice gaps fears

The silly summer season may see some more light-hearted news stories hitting the headlines, but there have been some serious goings on in the world of contracting, tax and policy-making which have captured the interests of the flexible workforce.SJD Accountancy - Expenses

APNs deemed legal by High Court

HMRC has been given the go-ahead by the High Court to pursue payments from individuals that they believe have used tax avoidance schemes. A group of users brought a case against the taxman, the essence of which was that the Accelerated Payment Notices that they had been issued were illegal on five counts. All five were, however, dismissed by the High Court and although there may be an appeal, HMRC have moved into what they describe as ‘full collection mode’ as well as issuing yet more APNs in the wake of the ruling.

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Contractor News Roundup – Contractor numbers increasing, more choice for finance and record tax yield

As the Conservative government settles into power, expectations are high for them to follow through on their promises, including a review into self employment and the provision of support to those who work for themselves to allow them the same opportunities as those who are employed.SJD Accountancy - finance contractor

ONS reveals contracting is on the up

After months where the number of contractors was increasing steadily, the numbers of people choosing to work for themselves had dropped off a little, but this trend appears not to have taken hold over the second quarter of 2015. The Office for National Statistics has learned that there are more people choosing to work for themselves than might have been expected given the declining numbers between March and May this year.

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