SJD Accountancy - late invoicesLate payment is a growing issue for many contractors and Limited company owners, and the IPSE is supporting calls to put an end to it.

Last year, research from payments provider Worldpay, surveyed over 1,000 mobile tradespeople and micro businesses in the UK, and found that 75% of respondents have had a late payment in the last year.

The survey also revealed that late payments are becoming a growing dilemma for contractors and small businesses, with nearly half (45%) of respondents saying they’ve had cashflow problems as a result.

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SJD AccountancyThere have been a number of reports showing that confidence is growing among UK contractors, with many looking to expand their company’s in 2015.

There have also been reports revealing that many smaller sized businesses are confident about exporting in the New Year, with latest research from Open to Export showing that 78% of business owners and managers believe that 2015 will be better than 2014, with the most popular new markets for exports being Europe (59%) and North America (44%).

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SJD Accountancy - contractors

Latest research has shown that more and more small and medium-sized businesses, such as Limited companies, are trading overseas.

According to recent findings, smaller business confidence is continuing to grow, as more UK business are starting to export.

Here are some of the latest contractor news stories:

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SJD Accountancy

According to latest research many smaller sized businesses, such as Limited companies, could be losing out by not offering a click and collect service.

A recent report carried out by retail analysts Conlumio, in partnership with InPost, revealed that 50% of UK shoppers are set to switch to larger retailers during the festive season, with 39% of smaller sized firms feeling like they’ll lose out.

The top factors that shoppers look for when buying include the price (39.4%) and product range (24.6%) – but convenience, such as delivery and pick up options (21.2%) also plays a major role in deciding where to buy their goods. Click Here for more >

SJD AccountancyContractors might be interested to hear that the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2014 were held last week, where 65 people were recognised for their entrepreneurial achievements.

The winner of the Great British Entrepreneur of the year, James Watt, is the founder of BrewDog – an echo-brewery. He also won Food and Drink Entrepreneur of the Year and Retail Entrepreneur of the Year with his unique business.

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