Contractor News Roundup – HMRC in court, sole traders relying on families and advice gaps fears

The silly summer season may see some more light-hearted news stories hitting the headlines, but there have been some serious goings on in the world of contracting, tax and policy-making which have captured the interests of the flexible workforce.SJD Accountancy - Expenses

APNs deemed legal by High Court

HMRC has been given the go-ahead by the High Court to pursue payments from individuals that they believe have used tax avoidance schemes. A group of users brought a case against the taxman, the essence of which was that the Accelerated Payment Notices that they had been issued were illegal on five counts. All five were, however, dismissed by the High Court and although there may be an appeal, HMRC have moved into what they describe as ‘full collection mode’ as well as issuing yet more APNs in the wake of the ruling.

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Contractor News Roundup – Contractor numbers increasing, more choice for finance and record tax yield

As the Conservative government settles into power, expectations are high for them to follow through on their promises, including a review into self employment and the provision of support to those who work for themselves to allow them the same opportunities as those who are employed.SJD Accountancy - finance contractor

ONS reveals contracting is on the up

After months where the number of contractors was increasing steadily, the numbers of people choosing to work for themselves had dropped off a little, but this trend appears not to have taken hold over the second quarter of 2015. The Office for National Statistics has learned that there are more people choosing to work for themselves than might have been expected given the declining numbers between March and May this year.

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